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About This Series
I started this series to share my Photography with you. I love shooting people *grin* since I was a kid..

Using Photography to Enhance your Home Interior

After weeks of never-ending research... reading, planning, sketching. Rushing here, there, and everywhere! Shopping for lights, appliances and stuff. Often wondering if you've chosen the right ID. Even dreaming about colors and swatches in your sleep!

Then.. after all the sweat, tears, anxieties.. relief !    Reno done!  Phew, it's all over! You held the key.. the moment you've been waiting for. You turned the lock and opened the door. For a moment you stood there, speechless... Your dream has become Reality:

What was once a dusty, musty place is now Beautiful, Warm, Cozy.

A place you affectionately called Home.

Congratulation! You have completed your Home Renovation!

Next Step: Personalize your home. We present our home decor ideas here. Click on the description or caption link for more info.

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To be continued..

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