Help, My PC Crashed!


Help - my PC crashed!
A simple solution to many problems - re-install Windows * huh? arrggh.. * But there is a better way - it's simple, easy, and quick! Here's how..

Back up your root drive partition image. Whenever your PC crashed - such as BSOD, virus-infected, etc - simply restore the root drive image from another drive on your HD. This is much simpler and quicker than trying to find out the cause for the crash and rectifing it.

.. to be continued

Protect Yourself on the Net
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Managing My PC

Duplicate Files on Your PC
Delete Redundant Site Links on IE9, Firefox, Chrome
Capture Screen Shots
Block Unwanted Ads and Intrusions
Enabling Right-Click in W7 Start Menu
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Useful & Indispensable Free Programs I Use
1 Partition Wizard Home Edition - Reliable program to manage your hard disk partitions.
2 Macrium Reflect - Helps me resolve PC crashes, including BSOD, hackers attacks, etc
3 ScreenShooter - Several freeware of the same name, I use the one by Michael Michta!
4 Everything - Excellent Search program, far superior to Windows Search.
5 FastCopy - Still evaluating, not sure if it is faster than Windows Copy.
6 Media Player Classic - No other media player comes close!
7 UBCD - Important software in my Toolkit to resolve PC Crashes.
8 Firemin - Portable program to reduce memory leaks in Firefox.
9 CCleaner - Basic Registry cleanup tool
10 PDF-Exchange - Excellent with all the works!
11 Auslogics Disk Deframenter - Works flawlessly!
12 Auslogics Duplicate File Finder - Makes it easy to delete duplicate.
13 ImgBurn - Once I have used this, I discarded any other CD-burning program(s).
14 VIPRE Anti-virus program - Best AV that is, without slowing down your PC.
15 uTorrent - Light-weight, easy to set up, works flawlessly and consistently.
16 AM-Deadlinks: Delete Redundant Site Links - What will I do without this ?

.. to be continued


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