Wednesday, 07-Sep-2011
Alerted by some readers that photos in some posts were missing!

Discovered picasa screwed up my web album. This wasn't a new issue, as several bloggers also experienced the same! Apparently there is no solution, no matter what the good people at google did, because the issue cropped up now and then. Spent several days on the issue, first by changing the view setting from 'limited, anyone with the link' to 'public'. That seemed to solve the issue for a few days, then it's back to the same photo blackout again!

Then I decided to create a new album on picasa and copy the affected photos to the new album. Again that seemed to solve the problem for a few days only...aarrggh, sheesh, what a waste of time and energy!

Finally, I decided to move a photo into a new album instead of copying it, as copying would mean there would be two of the same photos, perhaps confusing google's sort algorithm. Now it has been 3 days, and so far it seemed to work.

However, I also fear that other photos on my blog may become affected by the same issue in future. Some bloggers also reported some of their albums on picasa web had been corrupted or even missing! In anticipation of that, I decided to copy all my photos on picasa web album to my hd in case that happened to me too! *wink* as a preventive measure, you know.

Note: I'm inclined to think that the issue was created by google to 'force' users to set all picasa photos for public viewing. The goal would be to create new audiences for their ads. Indeed, this seems to be the case - note that bloggers have an alternative to host their photos, accessible directly within the blogger editor itself? OK, I surrender - in future I would insert my images directly via the blogger editor.

Nevertheless, it's still wise to keep copies of blog photos separately on yr hd.

Monday, 23-Feb-2011
After trying out some changes for several months, finally Post a Comment is working again *hooray*.

You may post yr comments from now onwards if you have any. Thank you for yr patience!

Monday, 10-May-2010
Post a Comment is disabled until further notice.

Friday, 23-April-2010
For the past 48 hrs we have been trying to post our responses to your Comment(s) - to no avail.

We tried all sorts of permutations of entering our response - using Google Account, OpenID, Anonymous, etc.

All to no avail.

Then we checked and re-checked our blog template, went through the code line-by-line. Everything seemed to be in place. *scratch head*

Finally, we thought our custom-made template might be the cause.

So we set up a new blog using a standard Blogger template. Again we were still unable to post our response in the Comment box!

We came to the conclusion that something was(is) broken - either with our Google Account, or with Blogger in general.

We searched the Blogger Help section. And discovered other bloggers too experienced the same problem as us - such as this one.

So for now, the problem seems to lie with Blogger.

We will update this post when the Comment section works again.

Until then, please accept our apologies for not being able to respond to your Comment. *sob*


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