Review: Fujioh Hood FX-900

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A word about the Review
Our Review is different from other reviews that you read on the Net: we're not armchair reviewers. We bought and installed the product for our own use. No one sponsored us to endorse the product. And we only gave our verdict after at least one year's usage. Obviously, we'd tell you sooner if a product didn't work or performed poorly soon after purchase.

We invite you - if you have bought, installed and used the product to tell us your user experience, particularly after using the product for at least a year. Whether positive or negative, please give us your feedback. Oh, don't forget to provide your Renotalk user ID and photos of your kitchen so we could verify you're a bonafide user of the product.

Here's an interesting video that explains the technology behind Fujioh's cooker hoods:

OK, so what's been our experience with the FX-900 so far?

Well, it's been 3 years since we installed and started using the Fujioh FX-900 in our kitchen. So far we've had absolutely no issues with the Fujioh FX-900 hood. The hood has performed and worked marvelously and has more than met our expectations, period.

Our Verdict: 5 out of 5 stars - Highly Recommended

Rated against our internal criteria, we gave:

5 stars for oil and smell absorption - the hood came with 3 power settings. We normally set it to '2'.

That was enough to rid the kitchen of oily vapors and smell. In hindsight we should have tried setting '1' to see how it performed. But you know, once a product functioned well, we just used it and forget everything else! Maybe readers who have tested using setting '1' can give us feedback?

5 stars for filter cost - no need to buy or replace any filter! FX900 has done away with messy paper and carbon filters. We found oil and smell removal was excellent. The oil tray collected the condensed oil vapor effectively.

5 stars for easy maintenance - each month we cleaned and washed the oil container and the hood surface. Once a quarter we took apart the hood as instructed in the operating manual to clean the innards thoroughly.

Notice beneath hood

Useful diagram instruction beneath hood

Cleaning Oil Container

Cleaning Aluminum Oil Filter

Removing Rectifier Panel

Sirocco Fan inside Hood

Oh, in case you're unsure how to clean the innards yourself, please call Fujioh directly. They have a local website. I recall reading on their site when I was doing due diligence and sourcing in 2008 that they will send a guy to your place to clean the hood thoroughly. They charge a service fee. Check their site to see if they still provide the service.

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Anonymous said...


Would like to know if you have came across reviews on the below rinnai hood ?

1) RH991CT
2) RH992CT
3) RH997CT

Cracking my head if i want to get either rinnai (the above 3 model) or fujioh FX900.

Your advise will be greatly appreciated!

Many Thanks!

GreenCoal said...

I'm sorry - I'm unable to advise on Rinnai hoods because I didn't look closely at them. Their hoods didn't have any standout feature like the Fujioh FX-900. In fact nearly 4 yrs on I am still impressed with the Fujioh FX-900 and would recommend it to anyone looking for a good and competent cooker hood.

Pl read my new post on "How to Choose: Cooker Hood" for fuller advice.

Thank you!

Anonymous said...


Do you have any reviews on Hobz products?
Hood HH2990 SS & Glass Hob HG1883?

Many Thanks.

GreenCoal said...

dear anonymous

sorry i am not familiar with hobz products. usually, after buying 'blind' previously and getting poor products despite paying premium prices, i hv since then avoided unfamiliar products.

suggest you stick to good, established products and ask around, like you're doing now, to avoid regret later.

all the best, sorry i can't help much


Anonymous said...


Do you know about charcoal filter for hood or experience using hood with charcoal filter before?

From my findings, charcoal filter will need to be replaced in 8-12 months, but I am not able to find more information about this.


GreenCoal said...

hi anonymous

Yes, the German Bauknet hood i had for many years used a charcoal filter. And i was frustrated using charcoal filters as i had to replace the oil-soaked filter quite often. Then when Haw Par stopped selling Bauknet, parts became impossible to get as most retailers don't sell premium German products owing to high cost and low demand.

Asian-style cooking (we stir fry a lot!) is usually greasy and oily. I suggest you consider getting a hood that uses a metal oil filter instead of charcoal filter for easy maintenance. An oil container catches the condensed dripping oil as you cook. We were amazed how fast the Fujioh hood fills up.

Check out the several posts on the Fujioh hood on my blog. There are so many benefits - excellent oil filtration and extraction, easy maintenance, metal filter means no need to waste time to buy replacement carbon filters, no mess, etc.

We never regret for one moment buying the Fujioh hood.

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