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A word about the Review
Our Review is different from other reviews that you read on the Net - we're not armchair Reviewers. We bought and installed the product for our own use.

If the product doesn't work or breaks down easily within a short period of first installation or usage, we will trash it and inform you immediately.

If the product works as advertised after a period of at least 6 months, we may preliminarily endorse it.

However, we only give our Verdict on a product after at least one year's usage.

If it is fails after 3 years, we will also withdraw our reliability endorsement.

We do this as a service to you because too many times we've paid good money for bad products. Even for products at premium prices. Such as the $39 Bellari Soap Dispenser vis-à-vis competing dispensers for very much less. And we can do this because no one sponsored, bribed or paid us to endorse the product.

We invite you - if you have bought, installed and used the product to tell us your user experience, particularly after using the product for at least a year. Whether positive or negative, please give us your feedback. Oh, don't forget to provide your Renotalk user ID and photos of your kitchen so we could verify you're a bona-fide user of the product.

Review Series
Review: Blanco Sink - 3 stars
Review: Rinnai Gas Heater - Not Rated
Review: Fujioh hood FX-900 - 5 stars
Review: Rinnai Tumble Dryer RDT-600CG - 5 stars
Review: Rinnai Oven RBO-7MSO - 3 stars
Review: Bellari Liquid Dispenser - 1 star UPDATE 08-Jul-2012: Downgraded to Zero Star for non-functionality
Review: Rinnai 2-Burner Hob RB-2CG - 5 stars UPDATE 08-Jul-2012: Downgraded to 3.5 stars due to rusted through drip plates. Shoddy quality! Costly as each replacement cost $10 per plate, wasted time, poor service as Rinnai refused to send via reg post
Review: TOTO Omni Toilet Bowl- 5 stars
Review: Asuka Acrylic Worktop - 2 stars
Review: Premier laminated floor tiles
Review: Kris Dish Drainer Rack - 4 stars
Review: Panasonic Electric Shower Heater - 4 stars
Review: KDK Ceiling Fan - 4 stars
Review: KDK Ventilation Fan - 5 stars
Review: Amasco Ceiling Fan - 3 stars

Writeup will follow as soon as time permits on:
Review: Toilet Roll Holder - 2 stars
Review: Soap Holder - 4 stars
Review: Rain Shower Head & Arm - 4 stars
Review: Washer Tap Fitting - 4 stars
Review: Bidet Hand Spray - 4 stars
Review: 2-Tier Bathroom Glass Rack - 3 stars
Review: Dish Drainer Rack - 4 stars
Review: Sharp MW Oven - 4 stars
Review: Philips Bagless VC - 4 stars
Review: DECA Wash Basin - 2 stars
Review: Kris Dish Drainer Rack - 4 stars
Review: KDK Ceiling Fan - 4 stars
Review: KDK Ventilation Fan - 5 stars
Review: Amasco Ceiling Fan - 3 stars
Review: Panasonic Electric Shower Heater - 4 stars

More Coming soon..

What Do My Star Ratings Mean?
I will expand more later or fine-tune or change my evaluation method for better clarity or consistency, but for now here's roughly my subjective guide:

5 Stars: Highly Recommended, All the factors in 4-Stars awarded Excellent, I can recommend to Buy without hesitation.

4 Stars: Recommended, Good or VG Performance, Good or VG Quality, Good or VG Function, Good or VG in All Counts, Can Buy with Confidence.

3 Stars: Functional for me, but lacking in some aspects or features, Can buy but I won't recommend or with-hold my recommendation for further evaluation as there may be better models out there.

2 Stars: Barely Functional, Not Recommended at All!

1 Star: Barely functional, Money Wasted, Awarded 1 Star only bcoz I liked its design or some other aspect, But I Wouldn't Buy the Product Again!

0 Star: Total Disaster! I Wanna Money Back!

Important Notice: My reviews and verdict are strictly confined to specific models of a particular brand that I bought and used. Readers should kindly note that other models within the same brand may be better or worse in terms of function, reliability or performance than the model reviewed.

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