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This Urban Garden Series introduces flowering plant and garden to apartment living. An apartment, after renovation, is just an apartment. You need to transform

it into a living, vibrant space.  Add a splash of greenery into the home! Introduce indoor plants to spice up the space! A home devoid of indoor greenery is without soul, bereft of life. That truth will dawn on you as you introduce plants and see how lively the living room gets transformed. Then you'd utter "Ah-ha, so vibrant and refreshing! Plants indeed add another dimension to our living space!" Trees - gasp, yes even trees! - can stake a place in the home too. You will be amazed, as I was, when I saw how beautiful and transforming a few indoor plants make to the apartment!

Introduction to Vertical Gardan and Urban Garden
I have always been enchanted by greenery inside homes. Some years ago I saw for the first time a green vertical wall at the newly opened Siam Paragon in Bangkok and was wow'ed by what I saw. Following that visit, I investigated the concept of green vertical walls and urban gardening for indoor space.

Here's some sources:
Wow - simple D-I-Y

How to Build A Green Wall

If you need further push, let me entice you with the lovely photo below extracted from Wilson's Blog. Isn't he creative? Head to his site for the full post - he has other imaginative ideas with photos!

"The last idea to help plant-lovers create more space in an office or home is to grow one’s plants.

What you need is a ladder and you can hang a series of containers onto its rungs using metal container holders widely available from local nurseries. It is recommended to secure the upper end of the ladder onto the wall."

Isn't that lovely? Imagine what how it will light up your living space!

Source/Credit: Gardening with Wilson

"Locate plants that need more light in the middle so that sunshine that streams through the window can directly hit them. Those that need less light can be situated higher or lower along the length of the ladder. As you can imagine, by hanging potted plants on a ladder, you are actually constructing a vertical garden!"

When the mover moved my boxes to the flat, I made sure they didn't forget my house plants! *grin*


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