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Note: This is also posted on my other Greencoal blogs, useful for reference as I do edits on these other blogs too.

Bloggers find the blog post quick edit icon and wrench a great time-saver when they edit their blog. However, each time Firefox is upgraded the blog post edit pencil icon goes missing! * Arrggh * There are several causes, amongst which are possibly the anti-virus software setting. Example: in FF9 I investigated and switched off website filtering, and the pencil icon was restored on my blog posts! Other times it could be a security setting in your browser. The article below is a good read on the issue:


UPDATE: 02-Feb 2012
I upgraded to FF ver 10 last nght, and sure enough, the pencil icon went awry! I tried the previous tweak but it did not work.

After spending the better part of the day googling and investigating the possible myriad causes, including resetting browser preferences, none of which worked, I decided to see what would happen if I closed and shutdown my anti-virus software.

After shutting down the AV program I closed firefox and re-open the browser again. And lo and behold - the pencil icon was restored! So my anti-virus program (always) was the culprit. But didn't I disable web-filtering in the anti-virus program? Yes, I did - but that didn't restore the pencil or edit wrench icon! I needed to shutdown the anti-virus program to restore the pencil icon. I also re-activated the anti-virus program; the edit-pencil icon still shows on the blog! Good.

To re-check, I shut down Firefox and re-open it again. The pencil icon still shows! Somehow, somewhere, something was broken in the AV program setting. Shutting it down and re-opening it was the only way to restore its setting and the pencil edit icon.


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