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BLANCO pioneered the concept of hard composite sinks in 1980, using some of the toughest materials available from Mother Nature. More than just a coated surface, solid material throughout the entire sink ensures consistent color and durability year after year.

The proprietary formula for Silgranit® has been perfected in our own high-tech factories, utilizing precision chemical laboratories and computer controlled mixing machinery to ensure uniform quality.

BLANCO’s Silgranit® sink facility has been awarded the coveted ISO 9001 designation from the Geneva, Switzerland based International Standards Organization for “quality assurance in design, development, production, installation and service.”

SILGRANIT® sinks feature the touch and feel of natural stone. Unlike cast iron and soft composite materials, SILGRANIT® combines the best performing ingredients to produce kitchen sinks that are durable, stain resistant, easy-to-clean, and available in a collection of dynamic designs including our popular BLANCODIAMOND™ Series.

SILGRANIT® contains 80% natural granite, mixed with acrylic resin, which gives the sink its resilience and ability to be molded into striking designs. Compare Silgranit® to cast iron and soft composite sinks:

* Heat resistant to 536°F.

* Resistant to extreme changes between hot and cold.

* Hard, durable surface is resistant to chipping.

* Unaffected by acids and alkalis typically used in the home.

* Moldable into an unusual variety of striking designs and functional features.

* Compare our innovative angles, large capacity, and extra deep bowls.

* Environmentally friendly, with recyclable raw materials.

* Resilient surface is less likely to break dinnerware and fine crystal.

* Extremely hygienic. Does not absorb odors or bacteria.

* Non-porous design resists most household stains, including coffee, tea, mustard, beet juice, red wine, hair dyes.

* Regular cleaning of BLANCO Silgranit® sinks is easy with a scrub pad such as Scotch Brite and any non-abrasive cleaner, including our own BLANCOCLEAN. Stubborn stains, caused by prolonged contact, can be removed with bleach and water, baking soda, or vinegar.

As tough and durable as they are good looking, all SILGRANIT® sinks are backed by our no-hassle, limited lifetime warranty. SILGRANIT® is the ideal solution for the most frequently used area in your kitchen.


BLANCO Silgranit® sinks are now available for true undermount installations in 1-3/4 bowl, double bowl, and single bowl designs. Sink rims have been specially designed to allow for easy positioning and installation of the faucet, without sink interference, for a sleek, contemporary look.

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When installing the sink, ensure that grout does not fall into the Silgranit sink. Seemed some people have experience a dull "haze" covering on the sink as a result, which is difficult to remove. However, the dull film coating can be successfully removed, as some have shared on forums:

RE: Blanco Silgranit Sink

* Posted by sundodger (My Page) on
Tue, Aug 22, 06 at 3:31

I'm a bit late on this follow-up, but I figured I'd share my experience. Story time, story time, gather 'round.

I have a black Silgranit sink, and recently grouted my tile backsplash. When it was all done, the backsplash looked good, the sink, not so much. I didn't know about how the grout can leave a haze on the Silgranit finish until after seeing it happen to my sink (and reading this thread to see it's a known issue).

I got in touch with the distributor, who told me that she had accompanied a Blanco rep on a "house call". To remove a similar haze, the rep had used CLR and a regular green Scotch-Brite scouring pad.

So it was now my turn. Bottle of CLR, and instead of the green "heavy duty" pad, I went with the blue "no scratch" pad. Poured some CLR into a glass container, dunked the pad, and scoured the sink rather lightly. About 2-3 minutes later, rinsed the sink and dried it. The haze was still there. Second try, this time I put some muscle into it, scouring in circles. Again, after about 2-3 minutes, rinsed and dried. This time, the haze was mostly gone. For grins, I did a final, third pass with the CLR, scrub, and rinse. After the rinse, I made sure all the CLR was gone by going over the sink with soap and water. It works!

Now, I don't know if it's fully recovered, but I think it's darn close. I also have a Silgranit bar sink that I never use, and that sink seems to be blacker, and the water pools better. That may just be a coat of oil or something left over from manufacturing (did I mention I never use my bar sink?). But it's definitely looking nice again. No more ugly haze.


boydoctor said...

If you have a black (anthracite) Siliganit sink and have a white haze from hard water, try cleaning with Countertop Magic (I got it at an Ace Hardware). It is indeed Magic! I had tried everything with no success. Give it a try! Just spray on and wipe off. It leaves a nice protective finish, too.

GreenCoal said...

Thanks for the advice and thumbs up! Yes, the downside seems to be a slight haze left on the sink...I simply use a hard brush to scrub the sink at the end of the day.

Don't know if Countertop Magic is available in my country though. Will look out for it.

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