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For the past week I have been watching TB Joshua on Emmanuel TV on my pc. God has anointed him strongly and imbued him with miraculous powers as a wonderful testament that Jesus is the same yesterday, today and forever !

For non-believers, tune in to Emmanuel TV daily and watch and observe the truth about God for yourself. And the Truth shall set you free !

For believers, tune in to Emmanuel TV for it is God's demonstration of His Love and Grace for this generation, and a reward for your faith in Jesus Christ all these years. More importantly, beyond the miraculous healings, prophecies, and preaching, ask yourself : what is the implication of what God is doing? Is this the fulfilment of biblical prophecies concerning the end times?

Those who want to find the truth may download the free version of Superinternet TV from the site. Once you have installed the program, choose and click Emmanuel TV from the stations listed under the religious category and watch! Your life will never be the same again !

To God be the Glory !


Some people want to know why I interrupted my regular blog entries with this unrelated content?

Well, the short answer is - it is important everyone has a chance to see and verify for himself the reality of God and truth of Jesus Christ.

I have never seen anyone with such extraordinary powers as TB Joshua ! When interviewed - he was featured on Times magazine - he said he is like any man and declared he does not heal - only Jesus Christ does. That however does not stop his followers from calling him a prophet.

You would too if you are delivered and healed from ailments such as HIV, cancer, blindness, broken bones, demon-possession, etc. Moreover, he goes "live" on air and made prophecies during his Sunday worship service The worship service is broadcast "live" internationally. Subsequently - as the events prophesied are realized weeks later these are reported "live" on the station.

For the first time in history we have the technologies to watch such events "live" on the Net or on your TV - the instant healings, the prophecies, demons exorcised - so you can see and decide for yourself who is TB Joshua. And more importantly, the truth of God and the reality of Jesus Christ. Is Jesus Christ the Son of God as he claimed? Or was he misguided, a lunatic? Or simply a cheat? Because if Christ is truly who He said He was, then you have no excuse on Judgement Day for not acknowledging Him as God and Savior, isn't it? Watch and listen as TB Joshua heals and preaches on the Net. See the wounds healed, listen to professionally qualified and trained medical doctors from amongst the international visitors in the audience standing up to be interviewed that the miraculous healing(s) they witnessed were "beyond medical cure!".

I know two persons living in Singapore who witnessed the miracles TB Joshua did. One testified that TB Joshua was in Singapore for a healing crusade and he was astounded to see 3 of his inmates who were confined to wheelchairs standing up and walking after TB Joshua had prayed for them! He had no doubts about the miraculous healings because he was intimately acquainted with the the medical condition of the 3 inmates. After all, they were his cell-mates !

Who is Jesus Christ? Do you believe the claims of Christ - that he is the Son of God; He was crucified on the Cross for our sins and rose from the dead three days later, appearing to more than 400 hundred people; He ascended into heaven and will come back to this world again at some future date. And finally, He freely gives eternal life and salvation to all those who confesses their sins, and accepts Him as their Savior.

Perhaps the ultimate test is for you to go see for yourself the extraordinary powers of TB Joshua in Lagos, Nigeria. Anyone who has a fatally verified medical condition - such as advanced cancer or medical condition where there is no cure like muscular dystrophy - could go to TB Joshua for prayer and healing. You have nothing to lose but everything to gain.

Check it out at the TB Joshua website.

In making this post, I'm not putting TB Joshua on a pedestal. Idol-worshiping is a serious sin. I adore TB, yes, for his steadfast commitment to the Lord. But he is merely a man. The source of his amazing ability comes from Jesus Christ. TB may still fall from grace one day if he is overwhelmed by his success and international acclaim - we never know - because he is fighting against powerful dark forces as he commits his life daily to God. So let's pray for him, those of us who believe in God, that God will continue to use him and others to bring the message of love, unity and salvation to everyone on Earth.


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