Health Matters

This series started when I shared a video on cancer prevention on local forums. Some forumers - who recalled I was the poster and pm'ed me - forgot which of my posts gave that link when they wanted their friends to view the video. Instead of replying to each pm, I thought it will save time if I put the link in this post. So that's how this series was inspired - to focus on health and food matters. Issues which are close to my heart, and I'm sure, to many of you!

The series on health and food matters will start soon, with articles featuring health & food talks, great recipes, kitchen gear, and my sous-vide approach to cooking. Which got me excited all over again as I love to carry out experiments in cooking! More on that in due course.

Also, if you can, grab hold of Modernist Cuisine by Nathan Myhrvold. He's a techkie entrepreneur, a former Microsoft technical guru who retired a billionaire. If you cannot get it now, at least you know what Modernist Cuisine is all about - it is that earth-shattering!

Watch the video below - for your health's sake. And ask your loved ones and friends to watch it too!

Health Matters!
1 Can We Eat To Starve Cancer? by Dr William Li on TED
2 Sleep is Far More Important than You Think! by Tony Schwartz in HBR

Money Matters A Lot!
1 Making Money is Easier than Doing Business! by Jason Fried
2 Profitable Stock Investing by GreenCoal

Food Matters too!
1 Teach Kids to Eat Properly by Jaime Oliver on TED
2 Secret to Incredible Food

More Coming soon..


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