How to Choose: Oven

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In Brief: Our Criteria

1 Traditional Range Cooker or Built-in? Range has both oven & stovetop, dual energy, latest tech

2 Gas or Electric? If gas - LPG or Towngas?

3 Design Considerations for Built-in :

- Standalone vs Built-in
- Placement, why below stovetop, why not?
- Visible or covered up with matching cabinetry door?
- Controls

4 Ease of Maintenance: self cleaning vs catalytic vs continuous

5 Features

- 4 layer glass door
- slide out shelving
- rotiserie?
- programmable vs simple timer

6 Budget

7 User reviews

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1 How to Choose: Oven
2 Verdict: Rinnai oven RBO-7MSO


Dawn Ho said...

Hi, may I know ur verdict for your rinnai oven? Is it good for baking cakes n cookies?

GreenCoal said...

Hi Dawn,

My verdict has been posted - see Related Post. I gave the Rinnai oven 3.5/5 stars. Anyone who is just an occasional baker will probably find the Rinnai perform no worse or better than the average oven. But for me - I am passionate about cooking - the Rinnai oven did not meet my expectations. I would probably invest in a better equipped oven, probably a Miele! hahaha! I got what I paid for, I was at fault. Can't simply pay for a Toyota and expect it to perform like a Ferrari!

Yes, I baked oat cookies, cheesecake, melt-in-yr-mouth scones - and they were all delish!

So baking - no problem. It's roasting and grilling that I find inadequate, like no rotiserie, etc but still can manage. Hence 3.5 stars. Check out my verdict post. And food blog

Have a nice day!


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