Mold Remover

After you complete your home renovation, mold soon appear in your beautiful kitchen and bathroom walls on tile grouts and tap joints. Areas that are exposed to dampness and inadequate ventilation.

No matter what you do, molds stubbornly resist removal. They re-appear again and again, some are difficult to clean, such as on grouts between floor/wall tiles.

But why should you be wary about molds or fungi in the home? Well, it has been reported some people have died from certain molds. So wise up - google and read about the health dangers posed by molds.

Prevent and exterminate existing molds to protect your family's health. This post shows you how to do that.

The active ingredient
In recent times mold removers have become available in supermarts. They are effective but costly for a small bottle. They range in price from $14 for a German brand (IIRC, a retail outlet at Novena Shopping Mall on same level as Fairprice Supermart, go check it out! *grin*) to $4+ for a bottle of Ma-Ma Mold Remover. Well, if you fancy shelling out $4 or more, that's your call. As for me, I don't mind F-O-C? Free, no kidding?

Yes, if you use household bleach, you already have a mold and fungus remover in your kitchen! Read the fine print on the bottle

The active ingredient is sodium hypochlorite. Yes, that's the same active ingredient in your household bleach. You could simply use your household bleach to clear away ugly molds and fungi !!

Make Your Own
Simply mix 50% Chlorox : 50% Water and pour it into a spray bottle. And spray, spray, spray. Especially on the mold that creeps up onto the white or transparent grout between your bathroom sink joints, toilet bowl base, or bathroom wall tiles. Mold also grows prolifically on taps and faucets in sinks and tubs. Just spray liberally on the mold and fungus, leave overnight,

and they will disappear by next morning. If the mold is particularly resistant, use full-strength Chlorox. Chlorox contains 5.25% Sodium Hypcochlorite, the active ingredient that kills mold and fungus.

And yes - I use the Chlorox spray bottle to spray and kill ants too. Ants are ubiquitous, and have voracious appetite. Before long they will re-appear, and you'll need to respray again, especially at their entry and exit holes in tile grouts in kitchen/bathroom wall, etc.


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