BATHROOM: Hiding Bathroom Pipes

BATHROOM: Hiding Bathroom Pipes
Large hardboard panels conceal the ugly pipes.
BATHROOM: Metal Framework - Top

BATHROOM: Metal Framework - Bottom

BATHROOM: Hardboard Panel for Partition

BATHROOM: Partition wall ready for tiling

BATHROOM: Completed Partition Wall after Tiling

KITCHEN: Hardboard Panel Top

KITCHEN: Hardboard Panel Bottom

KITCHEN: Completed Partition Frame

KITCHEN: Completed Door Panels - hiding ugly pipes

Now, how do you decide whether the panels should be easily open and accessible with a 'door'? Or the hardboard fixed permanently?
Well, the big kitchen pipes sometimes blocked - some neighbors were careless or indifferent - resulting in flooding your beautiful kitchen! Therefore you must make provision for this potential flooding problem by hiding your big pipes behind open and accessible hardboard panels. That will meet HDB guidelines.

Kitchen: Flooded!

Kitchen: Debris entered kitchen from flat units above

Kitchen: water subsided after 5 hours

One-inch Stainless Steel Pipe
As for the 1-inc stainless steel pipes, you don't have to hide them all of them, depending on the pipe layout.

Pipes that are unlikely to be blocked e.g. the inlet pipe carrying water from the utility board - can be concealed permanently behind fixed panels or hidden unobtrusively behind secondary walls. Use your creativity and imagination. Such as routing the pipes to run inside the toilet and bathroom instead of the kitchen.

Before Running 1-inch Stainless Steel Pipe
Water Pipe to Rinnai Clothes Dryer
Water Pipe to Rinnai Clothes Dryer

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