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Note 2: This post has been superceded by this revamped article. I did the revamp after I discovered photos in some posts had gone "missing" after Imageshack informed users it was closing down its site. Although Imageshack seemed to be now back in business, probably under new ownership, most of my photos are now hosted by Picasa.

One man's meat is another's poison, what is good workmanship in my eyes may not be the same to you. We provide below general and closeup photos of the workmanship.

This post shows in some detail the workmanship on the door frames and doors for the bathroom, toilet, and bedrooms. Note that all the doors and hardware ie lock, door knob, stainless steel hinges and catch were removed from my old apartment and re-installed in the HDB flat, as they were in good condition and it was a pity not to reuse them. As the doors were installed at my old apartment in 1988 they look surprisingly good for their age, don't they?

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Note 1: 09-Mar- 2011 - Was surprised as I didn't expect the photos to be missing - probably due to problems at Imageshack. As soon as I have located the resp missing photos I'll upload to Picasa and the photos should re-appear again.

Judge for yourself whether the workmanship is up to scratch:
Door frame for bathroom, ceiling view:
[photo missing]
Door frame for bathroom, floor view:
[photo missing]
Closeup inside view of bathroom door frame - 1:
[photo missing]
Closeup inside view of bathroom door frame - 2:
[photo missing]
Closeup inside view of completed bathroom door frame - 3:
[photo missing]
Closeup of 19-yr old Stainless Steel Door Hinge:
[photo missing]
Closeup of Door Catch Plate:
[photo missing]
Except for door frame, the bathroom and toilet doors are 19-yr old!
[photo missing]
Closeup of bedroom door frame:
[photo missing]
Master bedroom door installed:
[photo missing]
Guest bedroom door installed:
[photo missing]
The architrave for the doors will be fixed the following day.

I rue the day when skills such as door installation and fitting are no longer with us because the younger generation don't fancy picking up such skills: they prefer to work in an office environment instead.

Door installation is not simply a matter of correct measurement, cutting the door to size, then screwing on the hardware to install the door at the job site.

I saw how the old master fitted the door, took it off, then did some swift planeing here and there, all a matter of judgement, then re-fitting the door back again, and doing the process 2-3 times, until he was satisfied with the fit of the door.

I was fortunate therefore that these skilled old-timers are still around to install my doors.


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