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Good design cannot hide poor and slipshod workmanship. On the contrary, good workmanship will make a simple design truly outstanding.

Give me good workmanship over design any time, as I cannot tolerate poor quality of work.

It was indeed fortunate my ID has access to a pool of really skillful workers and tradesmen. I heaved a sigh of relief when the tilers

commenced their work. Despite having visited two project job sites and seen for myself the quality of work done, I still harbored some apprehension the workers assigned for my job may be a different group, one with not much experience perhaps.

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My fears were quickly laid to rest.

For the minute the tilers started their work, it was immediately apparent to me these workers, under Mr Yeau the team leader, took pride in their work. They wielded sharp knives to cut the tiles, taking

much time to measure and check lines are straight and level before they do the tiling. I also learnt the team allowed only experienced workers to do the tiling. There was a young man who had joined the team early in the year. And he was still learning on-the-job. His duties were to carry the tiles, soak them in water, clean the floor. And other menial jobs. But not do the tiling nor the measurement!

You can imagine my respect for these people shot up several notches! Had they not told me their training method I certainly would not have known. They could simply have allowed the trainee to tile the floor, and get on with the job in a slip-shod manner. But they did not, kudos to their professionalism and sense of pride in their work.

During the preparatory stage I learnt that my flat had several inherent defects: walls not straight, some in fact slanted at an angle, corner edges of walls did not square truly, requiring plastering to be carried out, and uneven floor level!

The following photos showed the good workmanship and professionalism of the tilers:
Beautifully tiled wall, with straight vertical edging, clean lines, and thin grouting:

Clean and not jagged abutment of the tile with the wood frame:

Even the tile behind the pipe was beautifully placed:

Cleanly cut hole for unhindered water flow in toilet floor. Also, notice the red thin plastic strip sticking out near the bottom between the tiles? That's how meticulous the tiler was to ensure thin and even grouting!

Very clean and neat tiling on the kitchen wall. See the thin strip of tile carefully and cleanly cut to fit nicely with the door frame?

Excellent joint-work where the living room granite floor meets the kitchen homogeneous tiles. The granite was rounded to remove sharp edges:

Even the cement slab for the kitchen cabinet was neatly tiled:

Graceful touch to granite flooring with additional piece to outside floor:

Living room granite floor before acid wash:

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appears that the pictures are not available online at the moment. Could I get the photos from you to learn more about renovation? Embarking on the reno journey myself..

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