Toilet & Bathroom Windows

After several no-shows, the window contractor finally showed up this morning, Fri 14-Mar 08, to replace the windows in the toilet and bathroom.

Last Fri 7-Mar the ID and I went to a mirror & frame-maker at Kelantan Road to cut a hole in each of 2 pre-cut windows panes that the ID had brought with him.

BEFORE: Old iron windows in toilet and bathroom:

I was puzzled when I saw the two glass panes, both approximately of the same size, when the glass for the bathroom window should be much larger than the glass for the toilet window.

The frame-maker took a look at the panes, and immediately growled, "Laminated glass!#!!## This is gonna cost you."

He charged us $40 to cut the 2 holes which was settled by the ID, though I had made an attempt to pay the glass cutter. The ID said it would be absorbed into the window cost! Normal price for cutting similar holes ranges from $7 to $15 per pane.

AFTER: New windows installed:

HDB's approval for the toilet top hung casement windows required the contractor to use laminated safety glass, otherwise I would have used normal frosted glass which is easier, and thus cheaper, to cut.

When the fabricator realized the window pane for the bathroom window was incorrect, he redid the window pane. As a result, what was installed in the bathroom was a larger window pane without the cut hole for the ventilation fan. The ID will get the pane cut later.


Needhelp said...

Where did you find the top-hung open-out rectangular casement window in the bathroom, if possible with crank (or pushout, but then screen must be top-hung)? I desperately need one, not really top-hung because when opened it should create a ventilation space above and below the pane, and should accommodate an insect screen.

GreenCoal said...

Hi Needhelp:

Your windows contractor or fabricator is the only source. There are several reasons for this:

1 - windows have to be fabricated and made-to-order to fit your bathroom window opening. Your fabricator will advise you if what you want is available or can be fabricated;

2 - hdb approval is required to replace and install windows, and only licensed windows contractors or factories are authorized by the hdb; even the window type and material have to be approved.

BTW, I wanted to install insect screens in my flat like you, but gave up the idea after I researched the market and screen types available. The primary reason was maintenance: in our very dusty towns (due to factories, high car population and construction everywhere) screens get quickly clogged up. Even if unclogged, have you noticed that a screen "prevents" (reduces) free air circulation and the flat or enclosure becomes musty and humid? In the end I settled for insect repellant. Moreover, unless you put screens over all external openings, insects like mosquitoes are ingenious in getting into the flat. Hey, even when I closed my bedroom door and slept in a/c comfort, somehow 1 or 2 pesky mosquitoes somehow seemed to get into the room in the middle of the night to disturb our sleep! And that was after we had chased out all flying insects before we shut the door and went to bed!

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