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hi Greencoal,

I read your blog but maybe I have skipped it.

1) I saw in Poh Joo two types of trash bin and it is stainless steel, $90.
Quite sleek, but not sure if it is practical. Did you change the trash bin?
2) Are you satisfied with the electrician? What is the name / telephone?

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hello joe,

Nope, I did not buy any trash bin. On my blog I spoke about my trash bin in my previous old kitchen, and now in my new kitchen I decided to try another method -- use the 2nd bowl to hold the trash, clear it straight away after preparing food.

found that is now most clean n convenient for my family.

My electrician did a good work, but his english was poor.

I gave him my wiring plan. He told me he could not read English, and didn't understand the wiring plan. So I walked him through it verbally and showed him how I wanted the wiring done.

His handiwork was good. But he didn't get all my requirements down correctly. So if you decide to engage him, you would need to make sure he understands what you want.

Best if you ask him to show you what you want, after you have briefed him. That way you would know if he understood your wiring plan.

At the time I engaged him I felt his charges were high. Only reason I went ahead with him was that my id introduced him. I felt it was better to get him so that my wiring is well coord with the kitchen cabinet, etc.

Electrician is Mr Koh Aik Haw hp: 9147-8843. Please check around before you commit as you may want to compare charges first, also know what product brands you want eg clipsal, legrand, MK, etc

Will put up on my blog later when have time on the wiring experience.

Thanks for yr interest.




hi Greencoal,

I now have second thoughts engaging his service, as my wiring is minimal, only 3
cables or 3 additional eletrical outlet to connect to MCB.

Thanks for the prompt and detailed reponse.

Keep up the good work on your blog.... it is a good read.




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