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Some readers have emailed me on the cost of the blacksplash installed in my kitchen.  My answer is the same as the following to
Saleema aka siddeeqa *happy*

Hi, how u doing ?
Ya I read ur blog abt ur blacksplash story... Lucky u spotted it before they fix the 3 pieces. If I were u, I might have only noticed after they fix it. 
Anyway how can they push the charge to u for the mistake they did. It's so ridiculous.. I think i shall look for some other company. 
Thanks for explaining...

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On 10-May-2010, at 14:04, Greencoal wrote:
dear Saleema

I recalled querying the id why the backsplash cost so much.  His answer was: bcoz I wanted the backsplash to cover the entire back area, I wanted it in ONE piece, not 3 smaller pieces glued together, spray-painted black, and using tempered glass.

Now I understand why the id provided no breakdown in my final kitchen cab bill. Probably the passed the cost of their mistake to me - the contractor delivered 3 smaller pieces, but I stopped them as I had asked the id to ensure the back splash was in one single piece.

No wonder my  total kitchen cabinet cost came to 7k !!

Thanks for yr info.


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From: Saleema Siddeeqa <>
Subject: Re: [Design Challenges & Solution] New comment on Kitchen - Glass SplashBack.

Date: Tuesday, 4 May, 2010, 10:45 AM

Hi, Thanks for your reply.
I guess 1.5k is the total u spend for kitchen right?
Yes it would look weird if the tiles can be seen behind.
Anyway i requested for quotation from the co. you did your kitchen. They quoted me around $200 just for the backsplash.
I am still considering to put the backsplash or leave it with the tiles...i see how..
Thanks once again..

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Subject: Re: [Design Challenges & Solution] New comment on Kitchen - Glass SplashBack.
Date: Saturday, May 1, 2010, 12:57 AM

Hi !

As far as I could recall, my ID verbally quoted S$1.5k at the time I was contemplating whether or not to install the backsplash. 

However, when I got the bill months later - after the job was completed - no breakdowns were provided.  So I am sorry I cannot confirm the exact cost for the backsplash.

Actually I preferred a white tile background, except that for easy cleaning - esp after a day of greasy cooking - I went along with a glass backsplash.  I had considered using a transparent tempered glass instead of having it spray-painted black, but the see-through tile pattern behind the glass made the backsplash look somewhat weird, isn't it?

Well, enjoy yr kitchen - you probably spend more time in it than you realize.


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Subject: [Design Challenges & Solution] New comment on Kitchen - Glass SplashBack.
Date: Thursday, 29 April, 2010, 5:24 PM

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Kitchen - Glass SplashBack":

Hi, how much you spend just for the backsplash?
cos my new house also have tiles.. and i want to put backsplash just like yours.
please email me the detail.. thank you

thank you in advance
from siddeeqa


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