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Sometimes I get queries on the Renotalk forum relating to renovation that would probably interest our blog readers.  This query came from a reader with the nick 'iseearainbow'.


Hi :

Can you share your knowledge and experience with Premier laminated floor? A renovation company i approached only carries this brand. I did google but can't find much info =((

Is this brand durable and gd quality? Hope to hear from u soon =)



Hello iseearainbow:

You must be a romantic person, judging by your nick !

Well, the Premier brand is well-established locally and is quite popular as a floor lamination with flat owners.  I chose it bcoz it was cheaper than other brands and the quality was good.  But the most important factor - aside from its durability and quality - is whether the installer does a good job for you.

In my case I was lucky the 2 guys who came to install the flooring were experienced and skilful in measuring and laying the tiles.  I decided to lay the tiles over the old ceramic flooring which had no signs of warping or any alignment problem, and after the installers had checked out the two rooms.

One thing to note - be careful in your choice of tile color in the showroom.  I chose the tile color from the samples in the showroom.  But when the tiles were subsequently laid out and installed in my bedrooms, the shade looked much darker than what I thought was the color I had originally selected!  Maybe a single piece of showroom tile looks different from an entire floor?  Unfortunately I forgot to note the color reference number.  So to make sure the ID or installer (or you) don't make any mistake you should write down the color reference number of the color tile you select in the showroom.

I don't have any problem with the durability or quality - it is almost 3 years since the bedroom floor tiles were installed, and the floor tiles still look the same, no warping or any tile piece getting loose.  You need to do your part, however in your maintenance of the flooring: no spilling of liquids onto the floor tile, any spillage should be cleaned up immediately, and clean with a mop that is squeezed almost dry so that the tiles dry quickly.

Oh, you also need to ensure the installer lay sound-proofing material (something like plastic foam sheet) under the laminated tiles, otherwise when you walk on the floor there may be a "hollow" sound due to some "air pockets" due to the unevenness in the original floor surface.

All the best!

GreenCoal aka Bluefly

UPDATE [11-Dec-10]:


Hi bluefly,
thanks for the reply :)
saw ur comments at ur blog...
See u ard in renotalk soon.. And will update u on my flooring outcome:)
have u heard abt hatari brand btw?


Hello iseearainbow,

sorry, i have not heard about hatari brand - probably a new one in the market? if i were you, i would go for established brands like pergo, premier, etc bcoz nowadays many new products are launched, some may be good but many are inferior products trying to cash in on the market demand as the property mkt is currently hot.

yr flat is a big investment and will be a source of pride for many years. so you shld consider carefully your choices.  it is worth spending a bit more for peace of mind, knowing that what you spend is going to give you and yr family many years of enjoyment.  Yes, price is a factor for me but even then i make sure the products and materials i selected were proven and established in the market, and that no one else has had bad experience with the product or the supplier, installer.

still, i've made bad choices in my renovation, and these are highlighted on my blog. usually the mistakes happened bcoz i overlooked practicality and was blinded either by beautiful design (e.g. Bellari soap dispenser) or smooth sales talk !! so, don't be taken in like i was, ok?

hope you'll show photos of yr renovation in due course.

take care,

bluefly aka greencoal

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