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hi bluefly

need ur help for ur comments in the quote given to me for flooring for 3 bedrooms n living..

A) living room works
1) supply labour dismantle n dispose existing floor tile $900
2) supply n lay new floor tiles 600mm homo tiles $2600

B) 3 bedrooms
1) supply labour hack n dispose tiles skirting, include repair good for damage wall $100
2) supply n lay over existing with new clip on laminated 3 bedrooms $1960

C) Others
1) HDB permit $200
2) supply labour clean whole house flooring n wall tiles with chemical acids n general cleaning for window, window grill, kitchen cabinets n wardrode FOC

total $5760, after discount $5500

hi iseearainbow,

to be fair to you, i need to stress that i am unable to comment on the quote you got for yr reno.

that is bcoz it has been some 3 yrs (or 4 if you count the time before i started reno on my flat) since i was in the reno mkt as a consumer.  therefore i am not up-to-date on the current mkt costs and pricing, etc.

you will get better info and advice if you seek opinions on renotalk from other forummers who are currently involved in renovating their own flat.  they can thus provide you with a better assessment of yr reno quote and other costs.

sure, you made me feel happy to seek my opinion on yr quote.  i can simply give my comment to inflate my ego, but that would be wrong as you'd be misled.

what i can say is, you should get a few quotes from different contractors so you get an idea of the present mkt pricing, and choose the best quote in terms of quality of materials, see the workmanship of the contractor in his other projects, and generally how the contractor relates to you.  I have previously written this advice on my blog (click on the label 'contractor' on the right column for a list of my posts on this topic)  and it is important you learn negotiation tactics and what could go wrong to prepare yourself for the work ahead.

so, do yrself a favor and ask other forummers who are currently doing renovation for their experience and quote, ok?

thank you,

bluefly aka greencoal


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