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The PC today has taken everyone hostage in the home. Kids, adults, even grandpas & grannies, have embraced the new toy and discovered an exciting world out there! A world without boundaries or borders, where everyone and everything is virtually accessible, brought into the living room by a mere click on the mouse. Everyone is now glued to the Box: it is the new TV and Entertainment Center, Music Box, Work-place and School, all rolled into one! The PC is transforming lives, and we're all impacted. Gosh, where would we be and what would we do without the PC today?

And that is the reason to blog on IT Matters in a blog that focuses on home renovation. Because it is central to our lives, and impacts our life If you follow my Blog you must be an inveterate PC user - like me! Which means you encounter common PC problems now and then. Problems such as what to do when your PC "hangs". Or couldn't boot, possibly to a computer virus. And over the years I learnt a few things, tricks, and tips and would like to pass these on.

.. to be continued

Help, My PC Crashed!

Protect Yourself on the Net

Useful Free Programs Everyone Should Have

Block Unwanted Ads and Intrusions
Enabling right-click in W7 Start Menu


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